Future2Green BV does not directly deliver to the consumer. The delivery to the consumer is done by various wholesalers who sell the Triboron products to the retail trade with physical stores or webshops. For the countries Austria Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britian and Luxemburg we are looking for wholesalers who will offer the Triboron products in their assortment.


We already have wholesalers in the moped, scooter and motor industry for the following countries:
- The Netherlands: PePe Parts
- Germany: Krad Ersatzteil Import GmbH
- Switzerland: Mofakult AG

Because the use of Triboron 2-stroke products are applied in 2-stroke engines in various industries, we are looking for wholesalers in moped, scooter and motor industry, marine outboard industry, garden and forestry machine industry and the lubricants industry.

Are you interested as a wholesaler to offer these products in a certain branch you can send an e-mail to

Current dealers

The Netherlands

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